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oil painting tutorial- figure paintingThis tutorial will give you a complete understanding of how this painting was created from start to finish. There is nothing new about this process; many of the old masters used this same process of painting in layers. This may be an old technique, but everyone approaches it differently... Read More
Figure painting and portraiture palletThis tutorial will help you build your figure painting and portraiture pallet. Most people who paint the figure have their own unique pallet. Usually it's a pallet that has evolved over years and is always in flux, but everyone must start somewhere... Read More
This tutorial will walk you through how this cave troll sculpture was created from the armature to finished sculpt. We will also cover the basics of working with Super Sculpey and Primo... Read More
sculpting realistic skin texture tutorialThis tutorial will show you how to create realistic looking skin texture. Sculpting realistic skin texture can be tricky but need not be difficult. Here I'll take you step by step for sculpting skin texture effectively... Read More
If you're a sculptor you need to learn how to create molds! This tutorial will guide you through the process of silicone mold making. Silicone molds are very flexible and give you a variety of casting options... Read More
In this tutorial we will go through the process of casting and assembling your sculptures. This step is where you will be making multiple copies of your sculpture. For this tutorial I'll be casting in a hard plastic, but all of the steps covered in this tutorial apply to any hard casting material...Read More A Social Network for Artists- © 2006- Now
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