Figure Painting Tutorial: Oil Paint
Learning to Paint in Layers
figure painting tutorial- finished painting

Figure Painting Tutorial:
Oil paint and painting with transparency
This tutorial will give you a complete understanding of how this oil painting was created from start to finish. There is nothing new about this process; many of the old masters used this same process of painting in layers and using transparency. This may be an old technique, but everyone approaches it differently. This tutorial outlines my personal process, and is by no means the only way to work. If you are new to painting or if you have been a painter for many years; this tutorial will have something to offer you. It would be helpful if you had at least a little experience with painting, and drawing before you attempt this, but if you are one to just jump right in and get your hands dirty; then this tutorial will teach you a lot! So whether you are looking to learn how to paint the figure, or if you are looking to improve the skills you already have, you have reached the right place. This Tutorial is a complete overview of my figure painting process; outlining each and every step.

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